Under the Covers made its official start in August, 2018 when Bianca Rogoff and Soma Okoye came together to create a space where they could explore the nuances of sex and sexuality.


It all started when the both of them began talking with each other about their own personal relationship to sex— their pleasures, their traumas, their fantasies, and their current truth— in full detail. They felt so invigorated after having the ability to talk so openly about something so typically hidden that they joined forces to create a community to give that same experience to of a diverse representation of other voices. 


Since Under The Covers (or UTC for short) started, our team has grown to include ten amazing artists, hosted LGBTQ+ singles night at Lincoln Center Theatre, and are now in pre-production for all sorts of upcoming projects.


Our team is comprised of unbelievable artists and minds and hearts who are so passionate about creating communities through art and healing. We hope to provide a safe-haven for those who want and who need to have their voice heard. Every story is important to us and it is crucial that everyone feels heard and validated through their experience.


If you’re an artist, have a story you want told, or just want to get involved in some way, contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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