Featuring a cast and crew from eight different countries, the theater piece Sýrma highlights the amazing talents of international artists working in the NYC area. Written by Carolina de’Castiglioni, Sýrma draws upon the ancient Greek belief that free will does not exist. Instead, everything is predetermined by three goddesses who control the birth, life, and death of all human beings--- with each person symbolized by a piece of string. When a new string is woven, a person is born. When their string is cut, the person dies. 


The goddess of birth (played by Sofia Figueroa) is disturbed by a recent massacre on Earth and decides to create an immortal string made out of gold. Despite her best efforts, the goddess of life (played by Ekin Naz Demirok) is unable to convince her why death is necessary and why every string must eventually be cut. Upon discovering the gold string, the goddess of death (played by Nadine Reumer) angrily attempts to cut the string. This uncuttable string represents the life of Petra (played by Carolina de’ Castiglioni), a young woman who is ultimately forced to choose between the safety of predetermined fate and the uncertainty of free will...


Directed by Frederica Borlenghi, Sýrma does a wonderful job of centering voices that often go underrepresented in theater. The cast and crew is almost entirely female and mostly immigrants, with performers from Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Venezuela. Sýrma premiered on December 12th, 2019 at Alchemical Studios. Information on upcoming show dates to come ;) 

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