Sexuality has different definitions and when looking at sexuality in terms of attraction and orientation, I hid the truth of mine for so long.

I thought I was straight for such a  long time.

All my friends were AFAB because that’s just how it fell into place, no other reason- all of my friends were just women, and I was scared that if they knew I was into girls then maybe they’d think “oh well if you’re into girls then maybe you’re into me because if you’re into me then maybe we’d have a problem.” So I hid my sexual orientation from myself for the longest time until junior year of high school when it became clear in my brain, buried in my subconscious, that I really liked this girl.


Queer is Here

Queer is Here

I remember taking the kinsey scale and i got smack in the middle bisexual and remember thinking this isn’t helping me! And it was my truth back then but sexuality is fluid and it progressed to mostly attraction to women. And now, being non-binary, being able to recognize there are more genders so “queer” feels like a better label for it.


My dad did my hair growing up, he told me about my period when I first got it, he had all the materials in the house (told me how to use everything) and on the flip side, he’s a dad and he’s a man… and it’s not to say that those things are strictly feminine but he showed me the ability of being fluid and all encompassing.

The way I carry myself is very similar to him:

fluid and all encompassing.


Spoken Word by Jackie Colquitt

Queer is a slur that has been used in the past towards the LGBTQ community, so for me, I choose to reclaim it.

I think that it’s a synonym, if you choose to use it, for someone who’s in the LGBTQ+ community whereas non-binary is certainly related to my gender and my gender expression and my identity because most days, queer can go from orientation attraction and gender and non-binary is gender related and I came to that conclusion really recently.


Growing Up...

Growing Up...

Affliction - Jackie Colquitt
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