A photo series documenting how sex and sexuality plays a role in the lives of people who were assigned female at birth (AFAB). Directed by Bianca Rogoff and Photographed by Akshit Bhardwaj.

Over the course of four days, each individual photographed went on a journey of sexual self-discovery. As they shared, questioned, and discovered their relationships to sex, space was created to celebrate their unique perspectives.


By sharing these stories, the hope is that both  individually and collectively, we can reach a place of freedom from the limited, normative, ideas surrounding sex, sexuality, and the body.  We no longer need to "play the role" or prescribe to the performance of sex or sexuality that society has placed upon us...


It's time for us to BLOOM


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"he showed me the ability to be fluid and all encompassing"




"just because I haven’t had sex doesn’t mean I don’t know about sex"

"I never told anyone about it because I knew it was bad, or at least it was bad to talk about, but I did it anyway because I knew it was fun and it felt good"

"And so for a while I had a very warped idea that porn and sex were the same thing instead of seeing it in the same way we see hollywood movies: staged and not real life"

Photographer Akshit Bhardwaj ​is a fashion photographer, who creates stories using a nonconformist approach while highlighting the fashion and styling elements. A vibrant, fearless, clean and graphic style has become the hallmark of his work.

Akshit's photographs have been featured numerous times at Vogue Italia (vogue.it). His work has also graced the covers of several international magazines and his fashion editorial have appeared in fashion and photography publications including Elegant, Volant, Dremingless, Vigore, Feroce, and a dozen more magazines.



"though I was pretty akin and curious about sex and sexuality beforehand, it was the first time I felt myself be truly sexualized"

Thank you to:

Cory, Lexie, Princess, Piper, Minji, Jackie, Kayla and Bianca

With special thanks to:

Paolo Verzani, Noah Lee-Breymeier, Kovid Kapoor and Will Keith.


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